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Volunteer Sale

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! We need help with setting up for the sale, cashiering, and take down at the end of the sale. Please understand that only those who volunteer can come to the volunteer sale, we can not let friends, family, etc into the volunteer sale. 


All volunteers get to attend the special volunteer sale, volunteers will be the first ones to shop!  Anyone can volunteer, get your friends, it is a lot of fun and a great way to meet other moms in the area.  Please understand that you may not bring anyone to the volunteer sale or anyone during your shift.  Children are not allowed during your work slot. Only those who volunteer can come to the sale. Thanks again!

**Volunteer for a four hour shift and Consign with us and you will receive 75% of your total sales**


All volunteers are required to work in order to participate in the Exclusive Preview Sale. Volunteer tasks are quite easy and well worth the opportunity to shop first (even before sellers)! Volunteers are scheduled on a first come first serve basis so register early to get the best times!

PLEASE NOTE: To make the Sale run smoothly, we need every volunteer who is registered for a shift to be present at their shift and to be on time.


**If you register as a Volunteer and a Consignor and are not able to fulfill your shift times, you must find a replacement to work for you.**

**If you cannot find a replacement you will be paid only 50% of your total sales. If you are late, you will be paid only 65% of your total sales.**

**If you are not consigning with us and you do not appear for your shift or do not send a replacement you will not be allowed to sell or volunteer for any future sales until a $32 fine is paid. This is the cost of having to find a replacement at $8 an hour for 4 hours.**

Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Sale Set Up - Be prepared for some heavy lifting or volunteer your husband to help... volunteers will be unloading, setting up racks, tables, hanging signs and more to get ready for the sale.

Drop-off Day-Accepting Sale Items - Some volunteers will be checking in and looking over other consignors merchandise. It is your responsibility to thoroughly look through all consigned items and determine if they follow the The  Kids Closet Consignments acceptance policies. Once all items are checked, volunteers will help distribute the items on the sales floor in the appropriate sections. The Kids Closet Consignment staff will be on site to aid in any questions you may have.

Pre-Sale Preparation - Volunteers must make all final adjustments to the sales floor prior to the opening of our Consignor and Pre-Sales. Tasks include setting up check-out area, double checking clothing for sizing issues, making sure everything is in its orderly place and grouped appropriately on the sale floor. During this time volunteers ARE NOT allowed to pre-shop or pull items aside before our pre-sales begin.

Public Sale - Volunteers will be removing sale tags off all items for checkout, bagging merchandise, and assisting shoppers in various needs. Volunteers will also be monitoring the sales floor for items out of place and any other problems. We will also be asking that you quickly put away any go-backs so they may be sold quickly. (This job requires less foot time than most and is great for volunteers who are expecting or have special needs)

Resorting - After Sale Clean Up - This is where we really need the most assistance. Re-Sorters are responsible for gathering up and preparing each consignors merchandise for pick-up after the sale is over. This includes sorting through all unsold sale items and putting them in the appropriate consignors pick up piles. We will need very dedicated workers that can work fast and efficiently to get this done quickly so we can allow for consignor pick up later in the evening. 

Pick-Up - Volunteers will help consignors pick up their unsold merchandise at the close of the sale. Not all consignors will pick up their merchandise. Volunteers will monitor the sales floor to insure no merchandise is picked up or taken mistakenly, and may assist consignors in the removal of their unsold items.

There are limited volunteer positions available so they are on a first come first serve basis. Children will not be allowed to come with you when you are working your volunteer shift.


*If you are already a registered consignor and want to Volunteer, Login to your account and select the volunteer shift you would like to work.

 If the sale has not started and there is a conflict with your assigned Volunteer shift, don't worry! You can log in and change your worker shift before the beginning of the sale by Sunday, March 21st at 11:59pm. 

Refer your friends!

We do a lot of advertising, but you can help us spread the word too. Referrals are the best type of advertising! If you would like to display a flyer at your child's school or daycare,

please email                                                                  and we will email you a flyer. Thank you in advance for spreading the word. 

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Thanks again in advance!