What is the ONLINE TAGGING SYSTEM all about?

KELLY'S KIDS CONSIGNMENT SALE online tagging system allows each registered consignor to inventory their items. Each consignor inputs all of their item information, such as gender, size, description, price, donate, and discount all online and then is able to print out all of their tags. Once an item is purchased at the sale, we scan your barcode. You will be able to see which items have sold once all the tags have been scanned in the system at the end of each night. All consignors need to sign up for our online tagging system to receive a consignor number. All items MUST be entered into the system by 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 26th.




 How to enter items.

1) Go to Enter Items: Either click on the Enter items link provided on the screen or go to the Enter Items Tab on the top middle of the screen. Look at the “Add/Remove/Edit Items” screen.

2) Select Sale: Select the correct Season/Year you are entering items for. This step is important because each sale may have their own specific tag. As long as you continue to enter items, you will not need to reselect this item. If you go to another screen, the system will reset itself and you will need to re-select it.

3) Price: The price can be selected either by mouse or by typing in the digit (which is faster) or type it in. Zero is allowed for items with multiple pieces so be careful not to accidentally select this one. Take a few moments to familiarize how the prices are set up.

4) Discount: If Discount appears, then you either check it for YES or leave it empty for NO. If you choose YES, then all items with YES will be discounted on the sale’s discount day. 

5) Size: Choose the size either with your mouse or by typing in the first digit of the size you want (which is faster). Take time to familiarize how the sizes are set up.

6) Description: Type your description being careful to stay in the box provided. Try to not use capital letters. TIP: Type the first line with the words that will be consistent from item to item. For example, let’s say you have 10 Gymboree items. Type Gymboree in the 1st description line and give more details on the 2nd line. That way, you do not need to retype Gymboree over and over. Another example for the first Description Line is “New” or Gently Worn, etc.

IMPORTANT! It is very important not to use too many CAPITAL letters because you will have to edit those items prior to printing. The capital letters take up more space then allowed.

IMPORTANT! It is very important not to type your letters too close to the edge of the description box or you risk having to edit your tag because it will overrun the tag. Use the second description line to complete your description.

7) Category: Choose the Category either with your mouse or by typing in the first letter of the category you want (which is faster). Take a few moments to familiarize how the categories are set up.

8) Click on “Add Item” OR click the Enter button. The system will add the item to the bottom of the screen for you to view and will automatically save the item.
PLEASE NOTE: Notice at the bottom that all of your items are added to the bottom below the entry form. If you leave this tab or are timed out, then all of the items at the bottom of the page will disappear. DO NOT WORRY. They are still in the database and can be accessed via the Manage Inventory Screen.
The system will time you out after it remains idle for 15-20 minutes. So try to sort them before you start tagging. If the system times out, you lose the efficiency of the system, because you will have re-enter all of your information again for the next tag.